The Polaroid SX-70 has arrived

Polaroid SX-70

My recently purchased Polaroid SX-70 arrived today. I also got the Impossible Flash Bar (by MINT) which is a must have accessory for low light situations. The Impossible film for the SX-70 is ISO 160, which means that unless you shoot in bright conditions (or use a tripod) the flash will be used a lot.

The model of SX-70 I got is the Alpha 2 model. It also has a tripod mount which is great, since I am planning to do some long exposures with this camera.

Now, I had some problems with the first pack of film I used. The photos got jammed and in the process of trying to find out what was wrong (it was not my camera, since it’s a refurbished model, and everything looks mint),I managed to destroy a whole pack of film. An expensive experience by all means !

I did some search and I found the following video, which helped me a lot, and I am sure it can be useful to anyone shooting with the SX-70.

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