Plaubel Makina 67 with Kodak Ektar 100

The “Plaubel Makina 67 with Kodak Ektar 100” post title seems to be used quite sometimes in my blog. I have shot quite a few rolls of Ektar with the Plaubel and I really enjoy this specific emulsion on 6×7. And after many tries, it seems I have been able to get accurate colour with this film (using the Epson Scan software with the V700 scanner, while on my Coolscan I had many false tries).



Shooting with Ektar gets me an image with colour, but at the same time I can get a very good b&w conversion with this film. Not exactly on par with TRI-X or TMAX 100, but still, a very good result.


The image above was also shot with my Nikon D800E and I have to say that I really liked much more the colour I got from the Ektar. I liked it so much better, that I deleted the Nikon file, something that I will not do at the future, since I could post the digital file for a comparison, and maybe hear a different opinion, a good starting point for a discussion !


Now, I have talked on this blog many many times about the Makina 67 camera. I think I am really getting boring by repeating the same words over and over again, but it’ really something I can’t avoid. This is (for me), the best medium format camera ever made. A 6×7 rangefinder, extremely portable when folded, and with a really great lens. And a fast one too, at f/2.8 (fast for a medium format camera, of course). There is a very smooth and creamy look when shot wide open and I really should shoot more portraits with the Plaubel, it really excels in this area. But it’s also a great landscape and travel camera.

A couple of years ago I sent it to Plaubel (Germany) since they still provided service for their cameras. They did a terrific job, fully restoring the camera, and it came back like new. I can easily say that if I had to keep only one of my film cameras, that definitely would be the one !

Enjoy the rest of the images.






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