Meteora (8×10″ large format pinhole)

During my recent visit at the wonderful location Meteora (Greece), among with my infrared photos, I also shot large format film with my Sinar 4×5 camera and one sheet with my 8×10″ pinhole camera.

Unfortunately, due to a silly mistake I made, I managed to destroy my exposed 4×5 sheets. It was a real disaster, since it took me hours of scouting, composing and carefully making the shots using a full set of filters, and also the weather was perfect for the kind of shots I made. I could easily quit on large format after this and fully convert to digital, but I probably won’t !

Anyway, the 8×10 shot was properly developed, and here it is.


My 8×10 pinhole has a f/400 aperture, that means that even during daylight exposures are lengthy. For this particular shot my Pinhole Assist app (for iOS) showed 3 seconds exposure and corrected time was 9 seconds (the app automatically corrects for reciprocity based on the built in Ilford film preset.

I have shot all my 8×10 sheets with my pinhole camera using this app, and it works great. I have even done a 6 minutes exposure based on its reciprocity correction and it really nailed the exposure. A great tool, by all means.

Development was done with R09 developer. I used 50ml of R09 and 1650ml of water in a Paterson tank and developed using the taco method for 12 minutes at 20C. The results were great, even development on the whole sheet surface.

Looking for the first at a developed 8×10 sheet of film, is always a wonderful experience and it’s quite rewarding.

Scanning was made with my Epson V700 using Vuescan software. I scanned the sheet with 48bit color setting and then removed the blue and red channels in Photoshop. The green channel seems to be sharper most of the times, so this a process I almost always follow when scanning large format film. I read about this technique here, you can find very good scanning advices.

I have already loaded one more sheet of film on my pinhole camera, and I hope I can get the chance to use it durning this weekend.

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