Travelling with Polaroid

Ever since I purchased my Polaroid Spectra SE camera, I got addicted to instant film. I always have it with when traveling. I also have the Fuji Instax Wide camera but I mainly use it for casual snapshots, the look of its photos is “too accurate”, while the Polaroid with Impossible a Project film will produce images that have a more artistic look (and it’s also quite unpredictable).


Although the SX70 is considered to be the ultimate Polaroid (being a DSLR and folding in a wonderful way), I prefer the Spectra for its manual override features. You can compensate exposure (higher and lower), choose whether the flash is on or off and it also has auto focus (using sonar which works pretty well as soon as you learn how it measures distance).

The look of Impossible film (especially the color one) is really great. It will shift color, burn highlights or clip shadows but from a camera like this you expect it to behave like this. It’s the real vintage analog look which although can be emulated digitally, it’s really very different to look at a printed photo. It’s not cheap, but you don’t take many pictures anyway, it’s not a digital camera.

I have also shot a few black and white cartridges which look great, but I much prefer the color film when using her Polaroid.

Enjoy the rest of the images.




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