Images with iPhone 5s

New images taken with the iPhone 5s. During my recent trip I had with me the Nikon D800E which I used for a few specific shots, but usually I would just use the iPhone for capturing. The convenience of using the mobile as a camera is very tempting and especially for subjects that will just be web published is a very helpful tool.



Now, after my initial excitement about the 5s camera (which of course was a huge improvement from my four years old 3GS), I was quickly “brought back to Earth” regarding my expectations from such a small sensor (and it’s accompanying lens). When printed the images of course were far beyond from what I was used from my “normal camera as”. The image quality, dynamic range etc are much inferior (no surprises here !).

Still, it’s a great tool and I am using it everyday. Not all subjects are meant to be printed or destined for an exhibition, and most of the times it’s relatively easy to judge the strength of a subject before I choose my medium. So I can use the mobile phone for quite a lot of subjects and enjoy the speed it offers in terms of capturing, editing and uploading on the internet.

Enjoy the rest of the photos.






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