Infrared photos

After a break from taking images (and it was a long break compared to my usual pace) I made some infrared images with the Leica M8. It was really nice to use this camera after some time.


As (almost) always, the Voigtlander a Skopar 21mm f/4 with the B+W 092 filter was my IR combo. It was a bright sunny day so I managed to get shutter speeds of 1/30 at base ISO 160 , which means I didn’t need a tripod. These days, I only use the M8 for infrared or black and white images, I really think it excels in both areas. I have literally stopped shooting 35mm film, and the m8 files are the closest digital thing close to film. The CCD sensor and the very thin IR sensor filter may contribute to this.



Lately I have started experimenting with the Analog Efex plugin from Nik software. The wet plate presets look very interesting when applied to IR photos.

Enjoy the rest of the images.



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One Response to Infrared photos

  1. Jorge says:

    I’m not the one for telling about such or some other lens; I’m glad with the ones I own and I love my cameras; though boring tired about Leica philosophy, ergonomy,…jewelry; wich at last just mean idiocy.
    Just a comment about ir with the M8,… nice photographs, specially the sea stripe one; I don’t know if they are shot in color.
    The comment is that I get black and white dng files with the hoya 72 filter; might be my M8 and I had to suffer enough.
    Regards,… yes, I thought your street photography group could admit me; but, no.

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