Images with iPhone 5s

I rarely use my mobile phone to shoot images, since I almost always carry a camera with me. I owned an iPhone 3GS for the past four years, and of course it’s camera was outdated a long time ago. Since I recently decided to upgrade to the new iPhone 5S (the 3GS was really unusable for my needs, too slow), I took some images to see how it performs as a camera. Of course, there can be no comparison with my small cameras like the NEX or the Fuji X100, but I was really pleasantly surprised by its performance. I have to admit that a mobile phone is a very convenient camera for snapshots. You can process the images with various apps and share it online or send it to friends. It may not be on par with a “real” camera but its sure gets the job done.

All images below were taken with the iPhone 5s.

Street Light

The Shadow

Through the Glass

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