Images from a morning walk (Part II)

The readers of this blog know that I enjoy very much going out on a rainy day and making images. It’s not street photography (although many of the photos qualify as street images), rain just provides more opportunities for interesting photos. Until recently, my favorite camera for rain shots was the Ricoh GX200. The ergonomics of this camera are just superb and can be easily operated single handed. But there are a couple of drawbacks, no shutter priority mode and a slower lens (compared to my second compact camera, the Leica D-LUX 4). The D-LUX is far more complicated in it’s operation, but it has a very fast lens (for a compact), a Shutter Priority mode, and a wonderful Dynamic B&W preset, which gives me excellent black and white JPEGs.


Of course, someone may argue why I choose the D-LUX over the Leica M, Fuji X100 or the NEX 5N. The main reason is the very small size of the camera together with a zoom lens. I consider it the more stealthy combo among all my cameras. Now, I don’t have a problem raising the camera to eye level (this is the way to shoot the rangefinder M) but there are many situations where raising the camera draws attention and you loose some good moments this way. The X100 has a fixed focal length and the NEX with the zoom lens is much larger than the D-LUX. I really think a modern compact like the Sony RX100II, would be my ideal combo for this kind of shooting, but I really don’t want to add another one camera to my arsenal, the D-LUX is fine for this job.

Weather forecast predicts more rainy days coming, so more photos coming soon !






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