A short break from film

As you may have noticed, the posts with film images are much fewer than they used to be. With the exception of the casual Polaroid snapshot, my film cameras are currently resting. Actually, even my digital shots are few lately.

Free time has been a luxury during the past month, and that affects my photography. Film requires time, patience and a worthy subject to shoot. Also, the malfunction of my Nikon Coolscan 9000 means I have to get back to the Epson V700, which is a good flatbed scanner but cannot really be compared to the Coolscan. Fixing it will take some time. I still have an exposed Velvia roll in my fridge and I have to wait until I expose at least three or four more to send it to a lab at another city. That will also take a while (or even more).

My main interest on film photography now is large format. I have only made one shot with the Sinar this month, and it will also take some time before I get a couple more in order to develop them together. The amount of chemicals and time needed for 4×5 development is not really worth spending for just one sheet, unless you have made a spectacular image (which I didn’t!)

So, for all the reasons listed above, I am currently on a short break from film. I hope during the Christmas season to be able to make some new images.

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