Stitched panoramic image with Sony NEX 5N

Last week, besides my return to large format, I also used after some time the Sony NEX 5N. I consider the NEX to be an excellent travel camera due to its size and the ability to use my Leica and Voigtlander lenses. I will post this week two more posts about the NEX, so more details on these posts.


The panoramic image above is made of a series of stitched images. A final resolution of about 70 megapixels means I can make a huge print with great image quality. I used the Sony e mount 55-210 lens, shooting at RAW mode. Lightroom provides a lens distortion correction for this lens and with the help of the Autopano Pro software, the final composition was complete.

Now, the right way to make an image like that, is to use a tripod (some would also add a panoramic head). I just took the photos handheld. The image stabilization on the lens helps a lot in a situation like this. I am sure with the use of a tripod I could have probably a better result, but by looking at the 100% zoom crops I am really satisfied for the results.



I have thoroughly examined the image (100% zoom) and there’s in not a single stitch flaw. With digital and good software it’s really easy today to make multi megapixel photos in panoramic or any other aspect ratio. That really challenges the results I can get from my 6×17 panoramic camera ! Of course when you have moving elements, its more difficult to do it, and (to my personal opinion) the look of a 6×17 image shot with Fuji Velvia or a black and white film, has a unique look, but the fact remains that even without specialized gear, you can make images like that.

Although I still lots of film rolls, there are many times that I make use of the advantages of digital (and to be honest, I make use of them more and more). After all, each medium serves its purpose !

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