Plaubel Makina with Efke 25 film

Efke 25 was one my favorite films,,which had now been discontinued. I have a few rolls left and today I am posting images taken with this film using the Plaubel Makina 67 camera.



The low 25 ISO allows me to use wide apertures on a sunny day without the use of a ND filter, and Efke has a vintage look which I appreciate very much. It’s not the finest grain film despite its low ISO, but it has character.




Now, some of you may notice that there is something “wrong” about these images. There are certain areas on some images that look mushy (I really can’t fin any other to describe it). I am experiencing some serious issues with my a Nikon Coolscan 9000 scanner lately. The scans lack the detail I used to get, and I texted that on my prints. Currently I am at the process of trying dieffenbachia holders, making adjustments when scanning (both with Nikon Scan and Vuescan on different computers), but so far the problem remains. If there is a hardware problem (more serious than just a simple cleaning), I suspect it won’t be cheap repair. We’ll see now things turn out.

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