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It’s been some time since I last used my Sinar Norma 4×5 view camera. I’ve been shooting lots of rolls of film with the Plaubel Makina 67, mostly due to its compactness. I had the Sinar in the trunk of my car for a couple of weeks now, but taking out for shooting, I did not.

Shooting large format requires patience and a good mood for identifying subjects and taking the time to setup the camera and make the shot. It is a process much different than any other camera system. Finally, I found the “courage” to use it at my last scouting for images.

(Sinar Norma, Schneider Symmar-S 210mm f/5.6, Kodak TMAX 100
Aperture: f/32, Speed: 1/8)

Once the camera is set up, you enter the world of large format photoraphy. Its a slow process, that requires careful planning, and perform each step correctly (or you will not get an image !). I almost had forgotten the joy of shooting of a camera like this.

The Norma is not a very heavy camera (for a 4×5, that is), but it is a monorail, which means its much more difficult to pack and carry it than a field camera. Shooting near my car is no problem, but if I decide to take a walk I will either have to carry it on the tripod (not something I like) or disassemble it and use a large photo bag. Add to that another large bag for lenses, bag bellows, Polaroid holder, etc and you have a very uncomfortable system to carry. Of course, since I am not planning on purchasing a field camera, the Norma will serve my needs, even with the difficulties mentioned !




Tomorrow I am leaving for a one day photo trip, so more 4×5 photos are on the way.

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  1. Frank says:

    Love to see a larger jpeg from the last photo, beautifull!

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