8×10 pinhole landscape


Image taken with my 8×10 large format pinhole camera, a 15 seconds exposure using Ilford FP4 film. Developed with R09 developer.

I always enjoy viewing the huge 8×10 negative, despite the very unsharp look of the pinhole. I already made a contact print of this photo, and the quality of the image of course is much better than the scanned one. Right now, I am really thinking of trading some of my gear in order to fund the purchase of a normal 8×10 view camera, although finding a good 8×10 camera (and a lens with the proper image circle) at a good price is not that easy. We’ll see how that goes.

(c)2013 Konstantinos Besios. All Rights Reserved.

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2 Responses to 8×10 pinhole landscape

  1. Matt says:

    A beautiful pinhole image! I have some experience on pinhole in 6×12 and 6×9 formats but never with anything larger. With pinhole, the larger the negative the better image you’ll get. 8×10″ would be a dream for me. Instead of a 8×10″ large format camera I’ve been thinking of the Harman 8×10″ pinhole camera. It’s much lighter and relatively inexpensive (although for me personally everything is too expensive at the moment)

    • kbesios says:

      Thank you Matt. A 8×10 negative even with a pinhole is really something !! After making a few 8×10 pinhole photos I am really captured by this format, and I can only imagine how wonderful would be to view this huge negative shot with a lens camera. The point is that 8×10 per sheet cost is very expensive even if you choose a cheaper film like Fomapan, for example (that’s why I have only shot about 5 negative since I purchased my pinhole). So, based on the cost per sheet, it would be much worth it having a 8×10 view camera which would also allow contact prints of stunning image quality. The thing is that even used, these cameras are expensive and I already have spent too much on gear so far !! Still, large format is fascinating and I really enjoy the time spent with my view camera more than any other camera I have used.

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