Why keeping your RAW files is important

From time to time, I will browse through my photos archive, to rediscover images taken years ago. Images that looked dull or uninteresting then, can emerge as good photographs. The boats image below is a good example.


This image was taken five years ago with a Nikon D300 (now, sold). It was nothing special, but today with the help of a Lightroom 5 preset, and some tweaking it transformed to an interesting photo.

Having the original NEF file (the RAW format of the Nikon) made all the difference. I had available the original image information to process, and use features like the Lens distortion correction (which was not available at the time). I am really happy that I decided early to keep my RAW files with Lightroom and not just the final JPEGs !!

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  1. ralf B says:

    Hi Konstantin,

    this post made me searching my harddisk and I found some pics shot in 2008 when I used a D300 as you did at that time. 5 years means a lot of time in digital photography and by using the software tools available today you can produce stunning images that could not be “developed” at that time. Anyhow, it is great fun to sneak my archives and try some new techniques on “old” NEFs. It makes you rethink of buying new digital gear … Thank you for sharing 🙂


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