Bravo Fuji !

The people who frequently visit this site, know that its a personal blog. I enjoy sharing my journey into photography and my images. I write about my experiences with my cameras and my personal opinions. So far, I have never expressed any thoughts about the companies that make these cameras, after all this is not a review or news photographic blog.

But today, I really feel the need to congratulate a certain company. I am talking about Fuji and the firmware update they have released for the (now discontinued) Fuji X100 model. I have updated to the 2.0 firmware, and all I can say is “wow” !!!

It’s really rare to see this kind of support for a camera that has been discontinued. My X100 feels rejuvenated. I had a love/hate relationship with this camera, I almost sold it last year, but now I am really happy I didn’t. Every single complain I had about this camera has been fixed with this new update, and that is something I really didn’t expect to happen !!

Auto focus is much more usable now, the focus peaking and manual focus work like a breeze, the shorter distance focus saves me time from employing the macro mode, even the startup time has been improved. Compared to the 1.0 firmware, the improvement is huge and now the camera is a almost perfect. The image quality was always there, but now its a much more complete camera and I am sure going to use it more at the future.

So, all I have to say is “Bravo Fuji !” This should be an example for the rest of the companies to follow !!

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  1. ralf_b says:

    the first one is my favourite ! Good photo Konstantinos.

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