Plaubel Makina 67 with Ilford Delta 100

Its been a long time since I used Ilford Delta 100 film. My fridge is full of Kodak TMAX 100 films since I had put a large order last year. During a recent reorganizing of my films stash, I took out the ones that have recently expired, in order to use them. Black and white kept in the fridge doesn’t really have a problem even when expired (I have shot Velvia 50 slide film expired from 2009 and it came out great, so I wouldn’t worry for b&w emulsions).



Delta 100 is a modern emulsion, a sharp film with great tonality. Its considered less forging in development than FP4 or HP5, but so is TMAX 100. My choice of developer is what Ilford suggests, the DD-X, which also happens to be my favorite developer for most films.



I found this particular roll to be a little more grainy than it should, but it was forgotten for some time in my car during summer. Films don’t like heat, so I should be more careful next time !

Still, the 6×7 negative provides enough resolution for a large print, and grain is a structural component of emulsions which I happen to like (otherwise, I would shoot only digital).



You can see on the second image above a zoom crop of the Meteora photo above. Plenty of resolution for a large print.




The Plaubel remains a favorite camera of mine, great for landscape, portrait and travel photography.

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  1. ralf_b says:

    the last one is my favourite ! It’s so peaceful and calm. Good work !

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