Infrared photos with B+W 092 and 093 filters

More infrared photos for today’s post, using both 092 and 093 IR filters from B+W and my Voigtlander 15mm and 21mm lenses.

The 092 filter and the Skopar mm have been for years my favorite combo for infrared photography. This time I also use the 15mm Voigtlander with the 093 filter. This filter will give you a “hardcore” IR photo (and much more dramatic look) but without the option to convert to false color. Unfortunately, I have noticed that my 15mm/093 combo in most photos will produce a hot spot in the middle of the image, which ruins it in most cases. The 21mm is clear of the hot spot effect, so its a better lens for using both filters.



Image on the top is from the 21mm, the bottom with the 15mm shows clearly the hot spot effect.

As I have written before, even with the M8, the 093 filter requires a tripod since shutter speeds are really slow. I also use a tripod with the 092 filter, when I want to be sure that I have a perfectly sharp and correctly focused image. But for handheld IR shooting, the 092 is definately the filter to use with the M8 (and will also give you the option to convert to false color).


Enjoy the rest of the images.






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