Fuji GSW690 with Fuji Acros 100

A few images from recently shot Fuji Acros 100 film, on the Fuji GSW690iii camera. The GSW690 is a 6×9 medium format camera with a fixed 65mm f/5.6 lens. The lens image quality is really stunning and its 28mm focal length (35mm equivalent) makes it a superb wide angle lens for landscapes. The camera is a fully mechanical rangefinder, there is no internal meter, it uses no batteries. Its like a Leica M on steroids (you will see many referrals to it as the TEXAS LEICA).


Although you can easily use this camera handheld (if the light of course is enough,since its an f/5.6 max aperture camera), I mostly use it on a tripod. With 6×9 format, you will usually shoot above f/11 aperture to have a large other of field, so a tripod will ensure you get the maximum sharpness out of this fantastic lens. Scanned with the Nikon Coolscan 9000, will get you plenty of information for a large print. I calculate the resolution to be equal or a little above the Nikon D800E (based on my personal comparisons). With b&w film, you will get great tonality (medium format is known for this feature) and with a Velvia slide you can produce stunning looking landscapes.


Fuji Acros 100 is a great b&w film with superb reciprocity failure behavior. You don’t to compensate for reciprocity until 2 minutes exposure, which is really great for long exposures.


The image above is a 60 seconds exposure. My meter showed 50″, but at the middle of the exposure the sun hid behind the clouds. I just added 10 seconds more and the picture came perfectly exposed. With other b&w films, it could be really difficult calculating this change in weather settings due to reciprocity. Furthermore, I really like the look and tonality of this film. It was my last roll, but before I go and buy some more, I have to use a lot of TMAX 100 rolls (another great film) that are recently expired !!

I am taking the GSW690 on my trip next week, so there images coming soon from this great camera.



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2 Responses to Fuji GSW690 with Fuji Acros 100

  1. Oscar Gonzalez says:

    Thank you for sharing your experiences with photography. I am impressed by your diligence and your willingness to experiment with different equipment, film, techniques and approaches. I came upon your blog while searching for examples of images taken with the Fuji GW690 film camera. I recently bought a GW690ii camera, and look forward to using it as a way of trying a different approach. I look forward to seeing other examples with your camera, which I understand that you have the wide angle version and not the one that I have. Also, I look forward to reading about different experiences with other equipment, and am intrigued by the 8×10 contact prints.

    With regards to myself, I live in southern California. I document cultural festivals in my area. I do this purely to document them, not as a way of innovating or making creative statements. My budget for equipment is much more limited, and I am not a professional photographer, because I don’t making my living from this activity. It does nourish my creative spirit, however.

    My philosophical statement is different, and involves acknowledging and documenting the diverse cultures present in my area, especially as they relate to dance and music.

    Thank you.

    • kbesios says:

      Thank you Oscar. The GW690 is a great camera, Fuji rangefinders are capable of producing stunning photos. Mine is more of a landscape camera, the GW is more suitable for documentary photography.
      I would sure like to see your images with the Fuji, so if you post them on the net, please send me the link.

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