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This is my way of packing my 4×5 Sinar Norma monorail camera for the field. I usually carry the camera on metal Pelican like case, but this is when I shoot next to my car. This time I am going for some long walks to shoot at some places I’ve spotted last year, so I needed a backpack. The Norma, when folded, fits exactly in my Lowepro Mini Trekker AW bag, which I normally use for my Gaoersi 617 camera.

Unfortunately, I can only squeeze my 5 holders of film and a few small things in the rest of the bag (light meter, flashlight, loupe, cloth bag, etc). My three lenses, the changing bag and a couple of empty sheet film boxes (to put safely my exposed sheets) are in a second bag which is about the same size. Furthermore, I have a third small bag to out safely my wide angle bellows and my instant film back. So, not the best solution based on the bags I own, but I didn’t hadn’t the time to properly search for a large backpack, so this solution is better than my metal case.

I am sure when I arrive to my destination, I will have more time figuring out how to omit the third bag from my luggage, two bags is something I can carry relatively easy.

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2 Responses to Ready for some large format images

  1. Nickolay says:

    Could you ask where you are making hi-end scan for your film 4x5in?
    And If it possible, You have got Nikon D800E and 4x5in camera.
    Could you write some post about compere photo from these cameras?

    I would like buy 4x5in cameras for Landscape, but I can’t found dump scanning in my county, and I’m searching dump scanning in other country with good feedback )).
    Thank you!

    • kbesios says:

      I scan 4×5 with an Epson V700 flatbed scanner, not the best solution of course. I haven’t drum scanned any film yet, its really expensive.
      What I have done is send my 4×5 sheets for scanning with an Imacon 9000 scanner and the result were very good. I’ve send them to

      I am planning on doing a comparison between D800E and 4×5 soon (probably at the end of August since I am not doing any film development until then).

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