Fujifilm FP-3000B instant film

This is my first shot taken with the Fujifilm FP-3000B instant film. I have used the color FP-100C and I was very happy from the results I got, so I decided to try the b&w one.


I used my Fuji PA-145 instant back on my Sinar Norma 4×5 view camera. What I wanted to do was to only light a portion of the object and keep the rest of the frame dark.

I could use my Sekonic flash meter, but I wanted to experiment with using a digital camera as a flash meter. It turned out that the difference between what my digital camera and the film captured was beyond two stops (the film shot needed at least two stops more than the digital). Now, I probably didn’t do something right, but I have also read elsewhere that this can be the case. Anyway, this is something I should research more myself at the future.

The landscape orientation (instead of what should clearly be a portrait one), is due to the inability of the Fuji FP-145 back to fit on my Sinar back at portrait mode. This is a well known problem, and I am not going to mess up with trimming my back to fit since I am not good at these kind of alterations. Furthermore, I bought this back brand new, so I am going to keep it in mint condition !!

While I mainly use the FP-100C for exposure testing before I shoot some expensive slide film, I find the FP-3000B to be a good candidate for Polaroid art. Its also a much faster film (ISO 3000), so I can easily get some decent shutter speeds with my 4×5 camera.

More b&w instant photos coming soon.

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