Sony NEX 5N with Voigtlander Nokton 50mm f/1.1

The Sony NEX 5N with the Voigtlander Nokton 50mm f/1.1 has been one of my favorite combos. You can practically see in the dark with this system, it takes great portraits and you can also make very creative images by utilizing the narrow depth of field.

The focus peaking works great for focusing (and in difficult situations I can always use the zoom function which nails focus every time).



Shooting wide open (which is 90% of my images with his lens) enables you to play with depth of field and in combination with some tweaking in Lightroom can give you some dreamy images.


On the NEX this lens becomes a 75mm, and with some cropping you can use it as a telephoto to capture your subjects. On the image above, I had to use the manual so function since focus peaking got confused and didn’t focus correctly. With stationary subjects that’s not a problem, since you can take a few seconds to focus correctly.


These kinds of shots is where the Nokton really shines. Despite the fact that I sometimes find its bokeh not very pleasing, the fact remains that at f/1.1 you can get great images.


A 50mm lens on a APS-C sensor camera is not a proper lens for shots like the above, but by taking multiple images and stitching you can easily emulate a wide angle. This image is a 6 photos stitch with Autopano Pro. The result is a very detailed 60 megapixels panoramic image. You man see the amount of detail in the two zoom crops below.



So, with a little effort you can get photograph almost any kind if subject with the NEX/Nokton 50mm combo. I will be using the Nokton on the NEX constantly during the next days and post more images.

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