Morning rain

A rainy morning is always a good chance for some street shots. I like taking pictures in the city when raining, and once more the Ricoh GX200 was my “rain camera”.



For one more time, I chose the Ricoh over the Leica M6 for a street image. This time, the choice was easy, I was holding an umbrella, and the GX200 has great ergonomics, everything can be operated single handed. Plus, the live view makes it easier to shoot from a lower level. So, in many cases, its more suitable (for me) to catch a street scene rapidly. On the M6, I had the Elmar 50mm collapsible lens, which requires extending it, and focusing its rather difficult to handle focus lever (this is the old 1950s Elmar, not the recent version). It seems rather odd to prefer a small digital compact camera over the legendary street rangefinder, but as I’ve written before, cameras are only tools and I choose the one that at certain scene will suit me better.

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