Today was a day dedicated to infrared. After a few shots with the B+W 099 IR filter, I switched to my most used IR filter, the B+W 092. The Voigtlander Skopar 21mm f/4 (my main IR lens) was the one to use for one more time.



This is probably my best take of the whole day, couldn’t decide if I prefer most the false color or the b&w one, so I uploaded both. As I have written many times, the ability of the Leica M8 to shoot handheld infrared is really irreplaceable for my infrared images. It allows me to instantly capture photos when I see an interesting subject, and still have a decent shutter speed to keep the image sharp.


A good example is the image above, where I just raised the camera and pressed the shutter. Its not fine art, but I really love the way the car remained sharp while the rest of the scene blurred. This not an effect added later, its the image straight out of the camera. I slightly panned the camera in order to follow the car’s movement, this is something that I did by instinct. It seems that after years of shooting photos, there are certain reflexes that are triggered automatically !!



A couple of IR street images, I really love the to tonality in the second image, and I still am impressed by the look of the CCD sensor when converting a photo to black and white. Its a pity they don’t make CCD sensor cameras anymore (well they do, but we are talking about medium format digital backs which costs tenths of thousands of euros, so I don’t consider them a real life option !!). A CCD sensor at its base ISO really produces superb images.

I am going to take many more IR photos during my vacation time and will experiment more with the 099 and 093 filters, so there are many IR photos coming this month.

Enjoy the rest of the images.




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