Images from a morning walk

I got up early this morning, so I decided to take a long walk. I was planning to make images of anything that caught my attention, and my gear of choice was the Fuji X100 and the Leica M7 with Voigtlander 15mm and Ilford Pan F film. As I expected, the X100 was the camera to use in 90% of my shots. I will develop my films at the end of August, so this is going to be a “digital month”.


This was my first encounter, a worm (or caterpillar, or whatever species this is !). I used the macro mode and fill flash to capture this image.


A few sheeps was my second subject. It was evident, that there wood be a very wide variation of subjects during my walk.



Next, there was a man taking care of his garden. I took these two images and had a short discussion. After that, I visited a small museum and took some very interesting images.




The small museum room was full of old traditional objects, dresses and other beautiful objects. A very educational visit, indeed. At the base floor there was a coffee shop , so I stopped for some coffee and sweets. They were served in beautiful old cups and plates, which of course I captures with the X100.







The sweet was really delicious and the coffee prepared served with the traditional way was also fantastic. On my way back, I stumbled upon a beautiful old sports car, a beautiful red BMW in perfect condition. Now, this is not something you see everyday.



I really didn’t expect to find such a variety of subjects during my morning walk, I was really glad I could get all these images in such a short time.

Once more, the X100 proved to be a very versatile camera, a real gem.

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  1. Divya says:

    The photos are awesome. My favorite photo the sweet photo I loved it. The sweet looks yummy .

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