High Speed flash sync with Fuji X100


One more post about the Fuji X100. Somehow, this fantastic little camera has earned the first place in my gear choice during the past days. I have with me the Nikon D800E, Leica M8, Sony NEX 5N and a couple of film cameras, but the X100 is the one I grab almost each time I want to make some photos.

This time I wanted to utilize a great advantage of the X100, the ability to sync flash at high speeds due to its leaf shutter. I used the Nikon SB-800 flash, I prefer it over the SB-900 on the X100, due to its smaller size which gives me a better balance of the camera when used on the hot shoe.

I used a glass of water to throw droplets on a few flowers, while with my other hand was operating the X100. Settings were: Macro mode, f/8 aperture, 1/1000 shutter speed at base ISO. The flash was of course at Manual Mode, and adjusted according to the distance from the subject.

There images were not shot in a studio, they were taken at my garden under bright sunlight. It was a great experiment and I really enjoyed the whole process.






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