Leica M7 with Efke 25 film

This is one of my last 35mm rolls of the now discontinued Efke 25 film. I also have a few 120 films to shoot. Efke 25 was one of my favorite emulsions, and I am sad to see it go. The same goes for the great IR Efke film.



The slow speed of ISO 25 allows shooting midday with wide apertures without (most of the times) the need to use an ND filter. Efke was a classic emulsion and developed with R09 (same as Rodinal) was also a cheap solution.



As I’ve states recently, more and more emulsions are discontinued and the film choices get more limited over time. This is only natural since digital has really conquered photography world (even I have started to use it more !) but thankfully there will still be a few brands for the next years to choose, for us who love shooting film.

Enjoy the rest of the images.







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