8×10 large format pinhole images with Fuji Provia 100F

The two 8×10 Provia transparencies I shot with my large format 8×10 pinhole camera were probably my most anticipated film shots ever. Viewing a 8×10 transparency on the lightbox (even if it was shot with a pinhole camera) was something I really wanted to see.



Well, as you can see above, it is a serious mess.

Although my exposure was correct, and that’s shows from the saved part of the transparency, there was some serious light leak. Now, I know its not coming from the camera since I’ve shot a few b&w transparencies and they all came out fine. My guess is that I got light leaks from the box I used to send the transparencies at he lab. Its not a sheet film box which has a protection system (those who shoot large format know what I am talking about), but a simple box of photographic papers. So, at some point maybe it got a leak.

Nevertheless, by looking at the good part of the transparency, there is really no comparison with the results one can get from a normal view camera.

So, where do I go from here. I am definatelly shooting some me b&w 8×10 film with the pinhole, but I am keeping the rest of the 8×10 Provia until I can get my hands on a view camera with a good lens. The cost of buying and developing a 8×10 transparency is really too much to waste on a pinhole camera. 8×10 view cameras are still quite expensive even used and for now, investing that kind of money is not an option for me.

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