Today I visited a wonderful location with a grand waterfall and a stone bridge with a good friend of mine. He shot video and I did some images.


This is the only digital capture I did, I used the Fuji X100 for this photo. The rest of the images were taken with my Sinar 4×5 Norma view camera and the Gaoersi 617 panoramic camera, both loaded with Fuji Velvia. I am sending next week the slides to the lab, so I except to post the images in a couple of weeks.

Unfortunately we had to leave earlier than expected, and I didn’t manage to shoot a 8×10 Provia slide I had loaded in my 8×10 pinhole camera. I really wanted to get that shot since the weather was wonderful and I am not getting back to that location soon (this is the time of the year with the best conditions since there is plenty of water, during the summer the water flow decreases a lot).
Anyway, we’ll see how the images look soon !
(c)2013 Konstantinos Besios. All Rights Reserved.

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8 Responses to Waterfall

  1. Angus says:

    Do you have the shift version of the Gaoersi? I’m leaning towards getting a Fotoman 617 or a used Fuji 617, but the shift functionality would seem to be a big plus for horizon setting. Fotoman are saying that they will get around to a shift version of their 617 at some point – so ill probably wait.

    • kbesios says:

      I have the shift version of the Gaoersi and its really a very helpful feature, I fully recommend it !

      • Angus says:

        One more question: what lens and back are you using with the camera? I’ve got a Nikon 90mm f8 which I could use which is really sharp edge to edge but I wonder if the f4.5 version might be better for focusing. Still I’m partial to 67mm filter thread size since I have a filter set that works for that and not the larger 82mm filter.

        • kbesios says:

          I got my Gaoersi used and the previous owner had installed a fresnel on the ground glass back. Combined with the 90mm f/4.5 Nikkor, it makes a very bright focusing screen which is a joy to use. I use the Nikkor f/8 with my view camera (no fresnel) and I really have difficulties focusing in dim locations.
          Of course the f/8 is much smaller and the image quality is unbelievable. I use a LEE filters system, but there are many times that I appreciate the speed and convinience of just mounting a 67mm filter in the f/8 Nikkor if I only want to use a polarizer or ND filter. On the other hand, a 6×17 image can be benefited much from the use of ND Grads (especially with slide film which has a narrow dynamic range), so a future investment to the LEE or Cokin filters system could be worth the cost. I have found ND Grads to be invaluable in landscape shots.

          • Angus says:

            I don’t fancy buying yet another lens and I have the smaller RF75 Lee system that maxes out at 67mm – so I think I’d make do with the 90mm f8. The Fresnel would certainly help – I haven’t had too much difficulty with my 4×5 and the 90mm f8 but then again I generally shoot in pretty bright light. As to the back you use, is a Gaoersi too? I can’t imagine there are many affordable 6×17 backs out there!

          • kbesios says:

            Its a Gaoersi back, very good construction.

          • Angus says:

            Still on the fence about getting a stand alone 617 camera or going for a 617 back for my 4×5 – like the Shen-Hao Art Panorama 617. My latest addition coming in a week is the Fotoman 45SPS which is basically a fixed cone 4×5 with shift but no tilt or swing. A 617 back would work well with something like that but I don’t think it would hang off the back of my light view camera very well! Any thoughts or observations?

          • kbesios says:

            I don’t have any experience with the 617 back, but I have read good reviews on different forums, so its a viable option (for lenses between 90-150mm). I also had thought about the Fotoman 45PS but I preferred to purchase a view camera for my 4×5 shots.

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