“Travel” video clip

As I’ve mentioned recently, after many years, I am back into video. During the past 9 months, I have been carrying my Sony CX730E and shot footage at the places I visited for making photos. At first I just recorded very short sequences handheld. After a while, I realized that some of my most beautiful clips had evident shake from camera movement, and the panning was not smooth.

So, I started getting more serious, I used a tripod with a video head, manual focus, etc. The majority of the footage was shot with the Sony CX730E, a very good camcorder with a Zeiss lens and great stabilization. Its not a pro level camera, but it can record scenes with very good quality. Along the way, the Nikon D800E came to play. Using a DSLR for video requires a good tripod or rig, and the focus of course must be manual. The depth of field due to the full frame sensor, allows for more sophisticated shots and the high ISO quality is excellent. This is a true pro gear which also offers the ability to use the uncompressed HDMI output for even better quality. I am not there yet (I can’t really invest in an external recorder right now), but I’ll see how things go at the future.

Editing was done in Final Cut Pro X. I still have many things to learn about operating it, but I am slowly improving my skills. The whole process of video from record to the final clip, requires many hours and its a completely different process from photography. But its also very exciting and rewarding. I have already made some plans for future videos with friends (video is most of the times a team work) and there are many interesting projects to come this year.

Here’s the video.

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