Removing dirt from my digital sensor

After postponing it for a long time, I had to clean the sensor of my Nikon D800E. It had come to a point where my digital images looked like a bad developed film with tenths of dirt spots.

I used the Sensor Swabs from Photographic Solutions. They juts happened the ones I found in my local photo store and I have read good review about them.

I had others cleaning my sensor until now, but I wanted to do it myself this time and keep doing it at the future since its process that is going to be repeated frequently (sensor gather dust, you can’t avoid that !!)

I followed careful the instructions (and also watched a couple of video tutorials). It was a painstaking process since it was my first time. At the end, I used 11 (!!) swabs to perform a perfect cleaning. So we as talking about a full box of swabs which means I spent more money than I would have spend sending it to service. But I did it myself and at the end I pretty much knew how to make it correctly. Next time I will sure use no more than 2-3 swabs.

At first, I only dropped a couple of drops of solution to one side of the swab, I think that’s what I’ve saw on the tutorials. Not much of a success,since every time I managed to clean a part of the sensor, the other part was “contaminated” with dirt. I decided to wet both sides of the swab and then I got much better results.

Following the success of cleaning the D800E, I went on with the Leica M8. It proved to be much easier. The sensor of the M8 is very close to the mount and that helped me be more accurate. With just one swab the sensor was clear. Maybe it was a matter of aura since I much prefer Leica over Nikon (just joking !!)

Anyway, I am happy that everything went as planned, and now I don’t have to mess with healing brushes (especially at long exposures with small apertures where it was a nightmare cleaning those spots).

A few more details, I used a blower first before I went on with wet cleaning, and the whole procedure was done in my bathroom, which is naturally the room with the less dust.

I know many people hesitate cleaning their own sensor (I know I did), but its an easy procedure as long as you carefully follow the instructions.

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