One more photo trip with the Nikon D800E

If you have read my recent posts you will see that I am using more and more the Nikon D800E. It has to do with my limited time for setting up properly cameras like my 4×5 Sinar or my need to use a telephoto lens in order to get some new images from revisited locations.


The D800E sure is a game changer, especially for me who prints at large sizes very often. The 36mp sensor allows for some wonderful images, and by stitching I can reach to extra large resolutions. One other very important asset of this camera is the huge dynamic range which comes very close to that of film. And of course I get to use lenses from 14mm to 300mm (450mm if I use the crop). I can also use specialty lenses like a macro or a fisheye. And above that, I have the option to use flash (more than one if I need to).



This may seem a little bit contradictory based on the way I usually take images and my love for film photography. But, I cannot deny that a camera like the D800E is a very special tool for making different images than the ones I usually make.

There are places I visit frequently and I have almost exhausted all the possible subjects by taking photos over and over again. So, unless there are special conditions, like great light or a new scenery, I don’t really want to shoot the same things with my film cameras. The D800E fits in this kind of situation, by giving me the opportunity to use different focal lengths, especially the long telephoto or ultra wide angle ones. And there’s one more thing called video. I have recently started shooting video after many years, and this camera can produce stunning quality video footage. Its something I am really getting involved in at the future, and the D800E will sure shoot lots of hurs of video clips this year.



So, does it mean that I am gradually abandoning film ? Certainly not, but I am sure going to stop wasting film experimenting in scenes that are not worth it. I am keeping it for these special shots that can be benefited from the use of the analog media.

Each medium serves its purpose, and there were many times that I overlooked the benefits of the digital camera in favor of my passion for film photography. I have lost some very good photos this way and its a mistake I will not repeat at the future. The D800E is too good of a camera to be overlooked, and when I judge that its the better tool for a specific image I will use it.

So, expect more “digital” images at the future !!

Enjoy the rest of the images.








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