Nikon D800E with Nikon 28-300 lens, a good travel companion

As much as I enjoy shooting with good lenses which will provide me the quality needed for large prints (which I print very often), at the same time I really appreciate a lens that will reduce the size and weight of my bag when traveling.

Most times the Leica M or the Sony NEX will be my travel gear. They are small and light and even with three or four lenses , they compose a very practical travel system. On the other hand, the D800E is a fantastic camera and although not too practical for me, when I take with me only the 28-300 and 50mm f/1.4 lenses, I can use a medium size photo bag.

(Not snow or noise, just a few thousand gnats, or whatever they are called)

The 28-300 lens so far has proved to be a very worthy addition to my Nikon system. Its not up to the quality or speed of the so called Wholly Trinity (14-24, 24-70, 70-200) but a 10x zoom lens was built for users who want to travel with just one lens that covers a vast zoom range. And for this use, its a great lens.

I love primes and I could easily travel with just a 24-50-135 set of three lenses, but then my choice would be the Leica M system. The 28-300 gives you the ability to shoot almost anything instantly. And given the 36mp sensor of the D800E, you can reach up to 450mm and still have a 15mp file.


At its short and long edge the quality falls, and a large prints I have noticed soft corners, but I already expected that. Sometimes its more important to be able to capture your subject and you don’t always have the time to change lenses. A second body of course is out of the question for me, since that transforms my trips to a photojournalist experience !!

Of course the f/3.5-5.6 means that you will have to raise ISO and that the focus isn’t snapping. That is ask a compromise I am willing to take for having the 28-300 range. Every lens construction is a compromise and when you decide what are your needs for a specific photo trip or traveling then its really easy to pick the appropriate gear without carrying all your photo equipment with you.


I really had some seconds thoughts when I purchased this lens, but now I am really glad I did. I have made some very good photos with it and I am sure going to use it more at the future.


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