Infrared photos with Rollei Infrared 400S film

Today I am posting two more images from my recently shot roll of Rollei Infrared 400S film. I used the Plaubel Makina 67 camera set at ISO 12 which I can easily shoot handheld on a sunny day.


I didn’t have the Leica M8 with me that day to shoot the same subjects and make a comparison between the infrared look of both cameras. I have done some comparisons between different cameras at the past (mainly film vs digital) but there is more to comparing than just resolution and sharpness. The rendering between a digital sensor and film is different and I really see no reason for more comparisons. Based on my experience, I could probably have gotten a better exposure with the M8 since I get instant preview. What infrared light its harder to judge exposure. On the other hand, the Plaubel negative scanned provided more resolution, so larger prints are possible. It also has a different rendering of the scenery.


The problem with Rollei IR film is that its prone to scratches. Its a very thin emulsion and although I try to be very careful during the whole process of loading and developing, my negatives are much more “dirty” than other films. So, it takes some serious spot healing to remove the scratches and spots. On a 4000dpi scanned file that means a considerable amount of time needed to clean the image, so I am not sure if I will purchase more IR films after I shoot my last roll. I have about 45 sheets for my view camera left, so I will slowly use them when I find a good subject and rely more on my M8 for IR photography.

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