Cityscape with 8×10 large format pinhole

I was at the beautiful village of Galaxidi (Greece) and it was a good chance to take a picture with my 8×10 pinhole camera. At first, I thought of shooting a 8×10 Provia transparency, but it was mid day and the light was too harsh (you don’t waste a 8×10 slide, unless you have great light !!). So, I used a FP4 sheet.


Exposure was 20 seconds (my Sekonic meter showed 7″ and I corrected for reciprocity failure). For one more time, the Pinhole Assist app (for my iPhone) did a great job calculating the corrected exposure).

I have to admit that I would prefer a color image at this specific location, but I also find the pinhole rendering of the scene great, even at b&w.

Development was done with R09 developer (1:40 dilution, 12 minutes at 20C). I scanned the sheet both on my Epson V700 using both Vuescan and Silverfast software. The Silverfast scan using the HDR mode have a much better digital file. It did a great job at correcting vignetting and produced a very good final image.

You can see below a 100% crop of the photo.


As it is expected, you don’t get a sharp photo from a pinhole camera. Still, keep in mind that this is a 8×10 sheet film scan, so in order see this magnification you would look at a huge print. At A4 size the image looks very good. Especially at the centre it looks actually very sharp, while the edges have the classic dreamy pinhole look. And it sure can hold the same look at even larger sizes. I can only imagine how a 8×10 sheet shot with a normal view camera and a good lens looks like !

This week I am shooting my second 8×10 Provia with this camera and will send it to the lab for development. This should really be something worth looking at !

(c)2013 Konstantinos Besios. All rights reserved.

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