At the fields

A few more images with the D800E and the Nikon 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6 lens. Quick snapshots while driving through fields.

I spotted a couple of locations worth of shooting them with my view camera, but the light was harsh and although there were beautiful clouds, I decided to use the D800E. Setting up my 4×5 or 6×17 camera requires time and when time is limited, the Nikon is the camera to choose, since I can take the image in a couple of seconds.


With clouds like the ones above, a polarizer filter is mandatory. Especially when shooting at noon.

Although I had the 24-70 with me, I preferred the convenience of the 28-300 since I didn’t want to change lenses.


This is a photo shot from a very far distance. I had no other way to come close to the scene and the 28-300mm made this image possible. Its heavily cropped (about 5 megapixels left) so its actually like shooting a lens over 500mm (at least). The combination of the weak performance of the lens at 300mm and me shooting handheld means that the quality is not on par with my usual standards, but what matters is that I managed to capture the subject.


I really regretted not taking the Leica M8 with my infrared filter today, those clouds were the perfect background for IR photography. I had with me the 67mm Hoya R72 filter which I could use with the D800 to see if I could get a decent IR photo, but my lenses were all 77mm size, so no way I could use it. I originally bought this filter for my Fuji GSW690iii, and now I really wish I had purchased it at 77mm (with a few step rings I could use it with any lens). Anyway, I didn’t expect any serious IR images to come out from the D800E, so its no big deal !!

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