A day with Polaroid Spectra

One more post with instant photos from the Polaroid Spectra SE camera. A short photo trip and and 6 more instant images.


Although I love b&w film and I really like the b&w instant film from Impossible Project (with the gorgeous black frame), it seems that I prefer shooting Polaroid photos with color film. Maybe black and white would be more suitable for artistic portraits or anything that involves the presence of a person, but for general use I am more happy with the color film. After all, the color rendering of the Polaroid is unpredictable and unique.


I scan my Polaroids without any color or levels correction. I case the scanning does not reflect the real print, I will use the print as a guide to make subtle corrections in order to replicate its look correctly.

Trying to get the correct exposure with only two features (DARKEN/LIGHTEN) is not always successful, its one of the surprising factors of instant photography !

Enjoy the rest of the images.





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  1. Claire says:

    Thank you for your experience with Polaroid and Instax, you helped me to choose Polaroid even though its more expensive but I love the look of it more. Better invest in something more artsy than just regular camera shots which you can do even cheaper.

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