Traveling with Polaroid

Since I started using instant cameras, I will always take the Polaroid Spectra with me while on a trip. Instant film has seduced me and I really enjoy taking pictures with the Polaroid.

(Polaroid Spectra SE, Impossible Project PZ680 Color Protection film)

Now, these image lack the quality of a “normal camera” but they have a very distinctive and unpredictable look depending on the subject. Pressing the shutter and viewing the slowly slowly appearing on paper is exciting. Opposite to Fuji Instax film which takes a couple of minutes to show the image, the IP film can take as much as half an hour to complete the developing process, so the suspense lasts longer !

Fuji Instax film has a more accurate rendering of the subject so I prefer to use it for casual snapshots, but the IP film is all about art, it has a more dreamy look (which I happen to prefer for my instant images).

(Polaroid Spectra SE, Impossible Project PZ680 Color Protection film)

Not all images are good, the one above for example was seriously overexposed, but I am still learning how to interpret different scenes and employ the DARKEN/LIGHTEN feature. The only negative thing with IP is that its expensive, so I try to shoot just a few images now and then. But the fact remains that Impossible Project managed to save the Polaroid instant film and I have the chance to use my Polaroid cameras.

Enjoy the rest of the images.




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