Polaroid images

Two more instant photos for today. Shot with a Polaroid Spectra SE (actually with two Spectras, since I have two of them, loaded with b&w and color film respectively).

(Polaroid Spectra SE, Impossible Project PZ600 Silver Shade film)

(Polaroid Spectra SE, Impossible Project PZ680 Color Protection film)

And something you don’t see very often, the Polaroid on a tripod


Spectra’s shutter can reach up to 2 seconds exposure, so depending on the light conditions you can have a semi-long exposure, which is enough for producing a silky water effect on a river or waterfall for example. Since its basically an automatic exposure camera you should first check with a light meter (or a digital camera’s meter) an f/10 aperture (the maximum for Spectra) and ISO 600 (which is the speed of the film) and see if you will get an exposure of one or two seconds before toy press the shutter.

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