Large format infrared with Rollei IR film

I love infrared photography so there was no chance of me not shooting some IR film with my large format camera. My choice is the Rollei IR (which I think is the only infrared film for 4×5 now that Efke has ceased film production). With a Hoya R72 I was ready for some IR photography.


I rated the film at ISO 8 (could easily get to 12 or even 25 as I judge from the results). That meant that on a bright sunny day I shot at 1/4 speed using f/22 aperture. That can lead to some movement blur (tree leaves, the scarf which the lady holds) so depending on the subject you may want to try a larger aperture.

Developing was done with Rodinal using the MOD54 in a Paterson tank. This time I used some scrap 4×5 sheets to keep the very thin Rollei sheet in place and it worked great. As usual there were some spots and scratches (its a very thin emulsion and requires special care), but nothing too dramatic. The look of IR of course is very unique especially when shooting in locations with green foliage. I am shooting some more IR film this week (both 4×5 and medium format) and will probably have the results posted by Thursday.

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