Infrared images with Sony NEX 5N

The readers of my blog know that when i want to shoot infrared photos, I will choose either the Leica M8 or shoot infrared film. I have also tried IR photography with the Fuji X100 with mediocre results. On my last trip, I had the Sony NEX 5N with me and wanted to shoot some long exposures of a river. Since I forgot to take my ND filters, so I used my Hoya R72 infrared filter which also cuts many stops.

(Sony NEX 5N, Sony e-mount 16mm f.2.8 lens, Hoya R72 IR filter)

I tried to apply “false color” but the results could not match what i get from the Leica M8. There is no yellow foliage, instead a look that reminded me more of what I get from the B+W 099 orange infrared filter. Not bad at all, but also not a look I would seek at the future. So, the obvious solution was to convert to black and white.


Now, that is more close to true infrared, not bad at all. I used ISO 200 to shorten my exposure. At that ISO the NEX of course does not have any problems with noise. Still when zooming at the images, I noticed a strange pattern of noise which I could attribute to the IR filter, although I am not sure about it. Still, its a good image.


As you can see, by converting to b&w you can get a pretty good infrared look even with the Sony NEX. Of course a tripod is required unless you want to shoot at high ISOs (which I don’t with infrared). I am thinking of shooting some more IR photos with the NEX although I will soon return to my “dedicated IR camera”, the M8 !

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