8×10 pinhole

My second image taken with the 8×10 pinhole camera.


Its a 145 seconds exposure taken with Ilford FP4 film. My meter showed 17 seconds, the Pinole assist app (for iPhone) I use , corrected exposure to about 70 seconds. I decided to give it one more stop since I am still testing long exposures with the pinhole. It proved too much for the sky whose highlights were almost burned, but the stone dock came out fine. So I would probably rate this specific shot to the number I got from the app.

Development was done with R09 developer (1:25 dilution, 9 minutes at 20C). I used again the taco method and once again my hair band was loose and the film stuck on the wall of the tank. Still, for one more time, development was even with no major scratches or spots, so taco development for 8×10 seems to work fine.

The problem of course is the large amount of developer used. A 500ml bottle of R09 developer is good for only 7 sheets of film, so its gets on the expensive size, but I didn’t expect shooting 8×10 film to be a cheap process. Maybe I’ll try a 1:50 dilution next time.

I am very happy from the build quality of my 8×10 pinhole. Its a metal case, light sealing is excellent and the holder sits perfectly on the camera. It can also take filters if I want to, has tripod sockets for both vertical and horizontal orientation, and two magnetic levels for each side. Image quality seems also to be very good for a pinhole camera.

When you deal with such long exposures there’s always the risk of camera movement from wind, still the camera (with the holder on) is pretty heavy and not prone to cause any serious blur from movement. As I’ve said, I am very satisfied so far.

The size of the 8×10 negative is really huge and I can only imagine the resolution and image quality of a 8×10 view camera with a good lens !!

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