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I recently purchased the Fujifilm 210 Instax camera, and after the firs images I got addicted to instant photography. It’s a whole different world and I really enjoy taking the shot and watching the photo come to life in a printed form. So, the next obvious step was to get a camera from the legendary Polaroid.

As you know, Polaroid ceased film products five years ago, but thanks to the Impossible Project, there’s new film for Polaroid cameras. It’s far more expensive than the Fuji Instax film, but it delivers a completely different look. They also produce a b&w instant film.

I chose the Spectra model since it has a larger size print and also has some manual overrides on flash, focus and exposure which I prefer from a full automatic camera. It arrived today and I took my first two test shots. The camera is working flawlessly and I am eager to go out and shoot some more photos tomorrow.



I really prefer the size of the Spectra over the Fuji 210, its more square and looks bigger and more impressive. Also, the camera handles better than the Fuji and the manual overrides are very helpful in obtaining a basic control of exposure.

The second image was a very quick test, since when I took the first shot, I forgot that this film needs about 30 minutes to show the final image and I started to worry about the condition of my camera. The Instax needs only a few minutes to complete the development process.

I am sure keeping the Fuji since its film is cheaper, with Polaroid I will be far more selective when choosing subjects. My current film in the camera is the Impossible Project PZ680 Color Protection, and I really can’t wait shooting the b&w one.

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2 Responses to Polaroid Spectra SE

  1. Kimberly H says:

    hello:) nice spectra images.. I bought a spectra system SE recently (got it yesterday in the mail) and it is an AMAZING polaroid camera, definitely one of polaroid’s more professional higher end cameras. Also if you want to be creative, our cameras let us do double exposures easily.. You will love the PZ600 black and white, first film I am shooting with and it is beautiful and eerie (in a good way)… Hope you will love your spectra .

    • kbesios says:

      Thank you ! The Spectra is indeed one of the best Polaroids, I love the manual override controls for focus and flash. I still haven’t tried double exposures, sure its worth trying it. I too love the b&w PZ600 film, it looks very vintage and artistic.

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