Nikon D800E with Nikon 135mm DC f/2

A few images I did today with the Nikon D800E and the Nikon 135mm DC f/2, my favorite prime for the Nikon system. 


At close distances you are detailing with razor thin Dof and can experiment a lot. Bokeh of course is wonderful with this lens.




I also played a little with the defocus ring which depending on the setting can either alter the look of bokeh or create dreamy images.


As you can see, if you use the DC ring at extreme settings your focused point is not sharp anymore and the whole image gets a dreamy look. Depending on the subject this can lead to either an artistic photo or simply a blurred one. I should probably experiment some more with the settings at the future.

(c)2013 Konstantinos Besios. All Rights Reserved.

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