Mission Impossible: Leica M6 with Elmar 135mm f/4

Last year I got the Leica Elmar 135mm f/4 lens. It was a real bargain as a telephoto lens from my Sony NEX 5N (its a 202mm on the NEX). I didn’t use it on my Leica Ms since focusing a 135mm with a rangefinder is really very difficult.

Yessterday I took a few shots with this lens on the Leica M6 (with Fuji Acros 100 film). As expected none of the four test shots was focused where I wanted to.





So, I am keeping the 135mm just for my NEX where I can focus very accurately thanks to the focus peaking feature. I’ve seen great images taken with a 135mm and rangefinder cameras, so I guess my eyes aren’t up to the task for this specific combo !On the new Leica M(240) this lens will be great due the live view and focus peaking (it produces a great soft image when wide open, excellent for dreamy portraits), but of course I am not getting the new Leica M 🙂

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