Made of stone

As I’ve written before, although my main choice these days is film, I always carry a digital camera with me since with digital shooting is free and I can use it either for some snapshots or testing the look of a subject before I capture it with a film camera. Usually, this camera is the Fuji X100 since is a very versatile camera.


While shooting landscapes, I found myself in an area with some stone buildings and I took a few photos with the Fuji. I tried to keep my levels straight to avoid distortion and although the scenery was contrasty, the X100 mad a terrific job managing the wide dynamic range of the scene. I still prefer the images from Leica M8 over the Fuji when shooting at base ISO, the CCD sensor gives me a finer tonality and you can’t beat the sharpness of the M8 combined with a lens like the Elmarit 28mm, but the X100 can also shoot macro, has a great fill flash, performs great at high ISO settings and can also shoot short videos (not great quality here like the NEX 5N, but acceptable). So, I find it a more versatile camera for the use I want to.



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