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The readers of this blog know that I have a very hight interest in Infrared Photography. Using a Leica M8 and a B+W 092 filter I often take IR photos (the weather here in Greece is very helpful with lots of sunny days). So, I thought to make a short ebook with some of my IR photos and at the same time write a few words about IR photography. Its not a technical IR guide, I have just included the things I have learned during the past 3 years of shooting IR.
Its a free ebook for everyone to download, of course all the images included in the ebook are copyrighted and cannot be used by anyone with my written permission.

I hope you enjoy its content, the ebook is available in two formats, PDF and iBook (through Dropbox)

Download PDF format
Download iBook format

©2013 Konstantinos Besios. All Rights Reserved.

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