Images with Holga WPC 120 pinhole camera

The Holga WPC 120 is a medium format pinhole camera which produces panoramic images. Pinhole cameras produces very distinctive photos and although not on par with a “normal camera” they are fun to shoot and the results are unpredictable (and in a way quite artistic).



The WPC 120 has an f/135 aperture which means long exposures. On a bright sunny day I needed 1-2 seconds exposure with a 100 ISO film. Since there is no shutter, a cable release is all you have to use. I prefer to shoot low ISO films in daylight since its difficult to be accurately in speeds under one second. At overcast days or at low light the exposure times are quite long and you also have to calculate reciprocity failure when judging exposure.

You don’t have to use a good quality film, expired and Lomo are good and many times they contribute to the final look of the image. Its really a enjoying experience shooting with a pinhole camera.




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