Experimenting with instant film

My journey to the world of instant film continues. I have really enjoyed very much using the Fuji 210 Instax camera for casual snapshots, it really reminds took me back many many years ago and it seems that everyone is really enjoying a “Polaroid” photo. So, I started taking a few images at different subjects, trying to learn better this camera.


Actually, there are not many things to master with the Fuji 210, since its a fully auto automatic camera. It only has a LIGHTEN/DARKEN override which I am trying to see how exactly is working in different light conditions.

From what I have read so far, its a camera best suited for outdoors shots on a sunny day. The use of flash (which is always turned to ON) will create black backgrounds, and is better for your subject to stand in front of a light background (if you are taking images of people).


On the image above I figured out that I should have used the DARKEN mode, so it will take some time to understand how the Fuji 210 meters a scene. It’s very easy to add contrast with Lightroom and enhance the photo but then you loose the whole sense of instant photography (to my opinion, that is).

The cost of each instant photo is something which makes you think very seriously before you take a shot, especially since the results can be quite unpredictable. I suppose, in time I will be far more acquainted with its use and produce the kinds of images I want to.

So far, I have found instant photography to be a very fascinating way of making certain images. I am waiting for a Polaroid Spectra SE camera during the next days and I have also purchased a couple of films for this camera from Impossible Project (the company that revived Polaroid film), so my saga in the world of instant film will continue !!

Enjoy the rest of the images (scanned with no post processing, of course).





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