A winter’s day at the beach

I enjoy taking walks on a beach during a winter day. Usually, there are very few people around and that presents a great opportunity for some interesting photos. The weather forecast had predicted a rainy day so I loaded a Pan F Plus b&w film on my Fuji GSW690iii and also took the Fuji X100 with me (so, it was actually the day of the Fuji’s !)

(Fuji X100, B+W 110ND filter, 6 seconds exposure, panoramic crop)

As you can see, weather conditions were very good, and I can’t stoop thinking how the image above would look if shot it with the GSW690 and Kodak Portra 160VC !!! Anyway, I have no complaint from the X100 which produces very good quality images. I have market this placed on my locations list so that I can return and make a few images during sunrise with my panoramic camera. Here’s the same subject with the GSW690.

(Fuji GSW690iii, Ilford Pan F film, red filter).

I kinda overexposed the image above, Pan F is a very contrasty film and it requires more attention when metering a contrasty scene like this one. Trying to do a highlights recovery lead to a more flat image than I was planning to.

Two more photos at the same location.

(Fuji X100, B+W 110ND filter)

(Fuji GSW690iii, Ilford Pan F film, red filter).

A couple of hundred meters walk and I found one more interesting scenery.

(Fuji X100, polarizer filter)


(Fuji GSW690iii, Ilford Pan F film, red filter).

These are my two favorite images of the day, great tonality and the dramatic tone of the red filter. The 6×9 negative of course allows for a large quality print, and I am sure going to print both photos.

Although I am quite happy with the images I made (given the fact that my time was limited), I think the Nikon D800E would be the most appropriate camera for this series of photos. With the 14-24 and 24-70 lenses I could experiment with various angles and compositions, and its huge dynamic range would be very helpful in these contrasty scenes. Although I far more enjoy a good film image, in certain cases (like this) it can limit your creativity. I should probably return soon to this location and try a few more shots.

The rest of the photos were shot with the Fuji X100





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