A short time lapse with Nikon D800E

I am really tempted lately to start shooting video again. I used to do videos a long time ago (with HI-8 and DV cameras), but eventually I switched to photography. Video requires lots of time and patience, and very serious post process work. Patience I have, free time… well, not that much !!

During the past two months I am taking at my photo trips, my Sony CX730E video camera. I try to shoot short clips without a particular subject, in order to gather a few hours of footage to use later. A part of this footage is time lapses. The Nikon D800E in addition to the Interval Shooting feature, also has an automatic timelapse ability where the camera will render your image sequence to a finalized video. A very convenient feature, indeed.

The time lapse below was taken with the 28-300 lens and post processed using Apple Motion 5. A very important lesson learned… have a perfectly clean sensor when shooting video !!! Trying to apply spot heal in every frame is an almost never ending process !!!!

(c)2013 Konstantinos Besios. All rights reserved.

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